Affiliate Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Companies in India

List of Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Companies in India

I will tell you about the top Affiliate marketing companies that will help you in increasing your income and through which you can increase your earnings.

Best Affiliate Marketing Companies

1. Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing allows the users to earn and that too without any joining fee. The only thing that the affiliate has to do is generate more traffic on Flipkart.

2. Amazon Affiliate

Having been launched in 2013, Amazon has always aimed at maximising the profits for the affiliates. The website that offers a great range of products to the customers has no joining fee to be an affiliate. Such are the perks of affiliating with Amazon, that the affiliate can earn up to 12% in advertising fee.

3. eBay Affiliate

This affiliate programme is good for those who wish to start earning quickly and easily. An affiliate just has to promote the products and is eligible to earn commission on every sale initiated by his marketing efforts.

4. HostGator Affiliate

HostGator is a Web hosting company which is well known in the industry due to its broad-reaching customer base. HostGator is one of the famous affiliate marketing companies. The company allows the affiliates to earn passive income just from promoting their products. This is a great opportunity for those having blogs or websites, and wish to deal with web design and hosting services. 

5. MakeMyTrip Affiliate

If you have a travel-centric blog or website, then this option is surely for you. If the sales are generated by the affiliates then they are eligible to earn high commission.
For people from the travel industry, this is one of those affiliate marketing companies that allow them to survive in high competition with earning passive income too. You dont have to pay for joining this program and just need to make sure to use your travel-centric approach

6. BIGROCK Affiliate

It is one of those affiliate marketing companies, that helps to earn in 3 simple steps. You have to start from a signing up, referring the customers or start making money. It is a favourable platform for those having interest in web hosting and are even bloggers or web designers.

7. Payoom Affiliate

Payoom is one of those affiliate marketing companies that provide wide ranges of affiliate services in web and even mobile phones that include a wide range of CPS, CPL, CPM, CPD. Just like other marketing companies, Payoom also doesnt charge any fee in the form of joining charges.

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