How to Build the Best Backlinks to Your Website

How to create the Best Backlinks to Your Website

I know your burning backlink question.
You’ve probably asked yourself, many times, “How do I build backlinks to my website for the best SEO results?”
You’re not alone.
Even people with backlink experience wonder this from time to time.
And we all find ourselves asking this question again after Google releases 

1. Publish Data Backed Posts

Earlier people used to get a lot of visitors to their website with content marketing because there was a shortage of good content on the internet. But now many people have started taking content marketing seriously and they are publishing high-quality articles in their blog.
Just because you have written high-quality articles on your website doesn’t guarantee you will earn high-quality backlinks to your blog.
If you have a community or an email list of thousands of people you will be able to cater great content by doing some surveys and research among your audiences.

2. Giveaway Review Copies

If you have a product or service that you are selling on your blog, you can giveaway free review copies of your product and ask people to write a review on their blog.
Recently, I created a course on Marketing Automation and Zapier, and I announced on my community that I will give away a free copy of the course if you go ahead and write a review of the product on your blog. In majority cases, bloggers will link back their review to your blog.

3. Interview People and Get Interviewed

People always wish to get featured on other websites and marketing channels. If I am interviewing any digital marketer on my digital marketing blog, I’m satisfying their ego.
There’s a high chance that the person who got interviewed on my blog would go ahead and share it with their audiences and might link back to my blog.
Once they link back the interview page that you have published on your blog, you will end up getting backlinks for your blog. They will link back to you without hesitation because you’ve featured them on your blog.

4. Contribute to Authority Publications

Once you have grown your personal brand and set yourself as a thought leader in a specific industry, you’ll be able to contribute articles to other publications.
I have contributed articles to authority publications like YourStory and, and in every article in the author bio, I am getting a backlink to my blog.

5. Create a Free Tool

Another great way to get backlinks is by creating a free tool which is relevant to your industry. For example, Neil Patel created this free tool called UberSuggest which is an alternative to premium SEO tools like Semrush and Ahrefs.

6. Write Articles On Current Affairs

A lot of people who publish articles and reports at the right time end up getting a lot of backlinks.
For example, Larry Kim the founder of WordStream published a report on Facebook ads vs Google ads, just before Facebook went public. This helped him to attract more than a million backlinks to his blog and it helped their SEO for a very long time.
With Buzzsumo, you can explore trending articles on your niche. Buzzsumo will show you all the popular articles on your space, you can get fresh content ideas based on social shares. Look out for the most popular posts and write a better version of that.
One of the reasons current affairs perform very well is because the amount of Articles out there on this particular topic is very low with low competition.

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